About Standcert Global Ltd(SGL) 

Standcert  Global (SGL) Certification Service  is fast becoming  the leading ‘Total Certification Solutions’ provider in the United Kingdom and developing Economies for its simple, reliable, cost effective and faster  route to BS EN ISO Certification services.

StandCert Global Ltd  is accredited by the  "Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies" -Europe (ASCBE)  and provides cost effective certification services to  small, medium and large  businesses  in the United kingdom and other developing economies.

StandCert  Global recognise that in a world where trade is ever present in business, International recognition of  a company  with ISO globally recognised management  system certificate  in place at all levels to meet clients specification, is a pre-requisite to continual improvement  and successful business models.

Standcert Global (SGL) Certification services  ISO certification process  services will add value to the overall effectiveness of your ISO management system and help your business realise its goal of sustainable competitive advantage.